Introducing the Learning Lab

A collection of retrofitted school buses converted to mobile classrooms and studio spaces. The labs are designed to unlock unconventional educational experiences. Programming has been developed to  address the most pressing needs standing in between historically disadvantaged communities and the 21st century education needed to thrive and contribute to our fast changing world.

The Coolest Classroom

The Learning Lab is outfitted with all of the tools necessary for a cutting edge learning experience. Equipping students with the pieces they need to create just about anything they can dream up.

  • Solar Power
  • VR Hardware
  • Desktop Computers
  • Podcast Recording Area
  • Audio/Visual Production Software

What will students learn?

Experiences will aide participants in successfully navigating mental health, identity formation, and the digital divide. Classes include:

  • Coding Camps 
  • Digital Life Skills
  • Vocation Exploration
  • Renewable Energy Design
  • Personal Narrative Building

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The Future of Education is...
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